Anmol Swarn

Our vision

"To value the invaluable,whether it is people,work or life."

A journey 12 years in the making, with its inceptions rooted deeply in India’s rich cultural heritage. Anmol Swarn is South India’s finest designer jewellery house bringing the most vital essence of our vibrant history into both traditional and contemporary design. The finesse and detail is a result of stringent selection and inspection, followed by craftsmanship and skill of the finest calibre. This makes our creations far more valuable than the material that goes into their making. And just to be sure, we maintain scientific methods in quality control to bring you masterpieces created for the royals.


Anmol Bandhan

Our mission

"To create heritage jewellery through our creativity to value the beauty."

"To create enough work to work build people's luck."

"To create employment through expansion to build our nation."

Anmol Swarn was forged in April, 2007, with the aim of keeping bonds pure and precious, be it our people, our clients or our creations themselves. On our quest for only the finest Gold Jewellery, we brought together an elite team of craftsmen and experts from across India, each carrying with them a world of tradition, skill and passion. And we are now a tight knit community. Over the years our endeavours have led us to processes and techniques unique to our heritage with inspiration from India’s golden age. In our journey, we have been able to create timeless relationships providing consistently impeccable quality to our partners. This is the Anmol Swarn promise.

Anmol Jeevan

Our Culture

We know that nothing is more precious than a sound and prosperous life. That’s why our path has led us to finding people from across India with the most unique skills in jewellery work and making their lives and work more meaningful. Each of our employees is given special care and aid to alleviate their hardships and remunerate their extraordinary efforts. To us, the most fulfilment comes from helping our fellow members of the Indian artisan community